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Duplex Villa - Hotel Angels Garden

Duplex Villa

The duplex villa at Angels Garden Hotel is a living space where comfort and tranquility intertwine amidst nature. Spanning 65 square meters, this villa offers an environment designed with every…


Family Houses - Olympos Angels Garden Hotel

Family Houses

The text you've provided is already in English but seems to be intended for translation or correction from another language. It describes the Bungalow Family Houses at Olympos Angels Garden…


Bungalov Evler - Olympos Angels Garden Hotel

Bungalow Houses

The enchanting bungalows at Olympos Angels Garden offer a unique escape for those wishing to embrace nature in its purest form. These appealing and quaint bungalows, located right in the…


Standart Odalar

Standard Rooms

The standard rooms at Angels Garden Hotel, encompassing 20 m², offer a spacious and comfortable accommodation area with views of the serene natural surroundings. Ideal for both individual travelers and…


Taş Ev - Olympos Angels Garden Hotel

Stone Houses

Hotel Angels Garden's stone houses offer guests a unique accommodation experience in every season. Each 16 square meter stone house blends the authentic and warm atmosphere provided by natural stone…



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