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The text you’ve provided is already in English but seems to be intended for translation or correction from another language. It describes the Bungalow Family Houses at Olympos Angels Garden Hotel, offering a peaceful and comfortable holiday experience in the heart of nature. These bungalow-style treehouses are specially designed for families, creating a unique atmosphere by integrating living spaces with nature. With a total of seven houses, each 48m² in size, they offer a spacious and airy environment for families to comfortably spend time together.

Each bungalow family house is equipped with one double bed and two single beds, providing a comfortable sleeping area for all family members. Additionally, each house features a modern air conditioning system, a private WC, and shower area, with the convenience of 24-hour hot water to ensure your comfort.


Air Conditioning

Shower & WC

4-5 Persons

Family Houses - Olympos Angels Garden Hotel
Olympos Angels Garden Hotel
Family House - Olympos Angels Garden Hotel

Angels Garden Family Houses are an ideal choice for families seeking a peaceful and comfortable holiday amidst nature. Your time here will be more than just a vacation; it will be an opportunity to create unforgettable memories.

Angels Garden Hotel


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