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Türk Hamamı - Hotel Angels Garden
Türk Hamamı - Hotel Angels Garden


Angels Garden Hotel houses a traditional Turkish bath, offering guests an authentic and relaxing experience.

  • Sauna
  • Massage Rooms
  • Shower Areas
  • Private Rooms within the Hammam
  • Jacuzzi Room
  • Changing Rooms
  • Relaxation Areas

The Traditional Turkish Bath preserves the rich tradition of Turkish baths, blending it with a modern and luxurious environment.

The bath embodies all the features of classic Turkish bath architecture. Adorned with striking marbles and combining the soothing mix of warm stones and steam, it offers an ideal environment for physical and spiritual purification. The central large navel stone is a key element for warming and relaxing. The elegant tiles on the walls and the dimly lit ambiance enhance the traditional hamam experience.

Angels Garden Hotel’s traditional Turkish bath is a perfect retreat for guests looking to escape the stress of the modern world and immerse themselves in a historical and cultural experience. It’s not just a place for relaxation, but also a space where you can experience the richness and warmth of Turkish culture.


Bath Glove

The bath glove ritual performed in the Traditional Turkish Bath at Angels Garden Hotel is one of the most special and indispensable parts of this authentic experience. It's a traditional Turkish bath procedure used to remove dead skin and rejuvenate for a more vibrant, healthy appearance.

During this ritual, skin warmed and sweated on the hot stones of the hamam undergoes a perfect preparation process for exfoliation. This helps open the pores and soften the skin. Then, a skilled therapist gently exfoliates using a bath glove, removing the dead skin layer and revealing a smoother, fresher appearance.

Bath Glove - Hammam

The bath glove process in the traditional Turkish bath at Angels Garden Hotel accelerates blood circulation and creates a detoxifying effect on the skin. This leads to both physical and mental relaxation and helps in detoxifying the body from stress. Post-bath glove, the skin feels healthier and more vibrant, enhancing the absorption of subsequent skincare products.

The bath glove service offered in the Traditional Turkish Bath at Angels Garden Hotel allows guests to feel rejuvenated and refreshed, enabling them to enjoy an authentic hamam experience. It is not just a cleansing ritual but also a means for mental and physical renewal.

Foam Massage - Hammam

Foam Massage

The foam massage offered in the Traditional Turkish Bath at Angels Garden Hotel is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing elements of this authentic experience. As a characteristic ritual of Turkish bath culture, it ensures deep relaxation both physically and mentally for guests.

The foam massage process starts with specially prepared natural soap foam. This foam is gently spread over the entire body, penetrating and softening the skin. The rich and dense texture of the soap foam not only moisturizes the skin but also creates a light exfoliating effect. Consequently, the skin is cleansed of dead cells and gains a more vibrant appearance.

The application of the foam massage is akin to an art form. Expert therapists apply the foam to the body with skillful hand movements, massaging it in. This massage helps to relax the muscles, reduce stress and tension, and by enhancing blood circulation, it contributes to detoxifying the body and increasing energy levels.

The foam massage provided in the traditional Turkish bath at Angels Garden Hotel not only offers cleanliness and relaxation but also allows guests to experience a part of the rich Turkish bath tradition. This massage is an excellent way for physical and mental rejuvenation, making guests feel lighter and refreshed.


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