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Yoga- Olympos Angels Garden Hotel
Yoga- Olympos Angels Garden Hotel
Rejuvenate Both Your Soul and Body!


Hotel Angels Garden offers guests a unique experience with two special yoga areas for mental and physical relaxation, nestled in the peaceful embrace of nature.

  • 50-Person Outdoor Yoga Area
  • 50-Person Indoor Yoga Area

Hotel Angels Garden is a paradise for yoga enthusiasts; surrounded by natural beauty, this unique location has become a favorite destination for yogis. It offers the perfect blend of peace and natural beauty for yoga practice.

Designed for yoga, the tranquil environment of Hotel Angels Garden, amidst pine forests and the fresh, oxygen-rich air of nature, accompanied by bird songs, offers an opportunity for spiritual and physical relaxation. The yoga areas provided by the hotel are designed to cater to all needs, both outdoors in nature and indoors in a peaceful environment.


Outdoor Yoga Area

The Outdoor Yoga Area is a 50-person open space set amongst forests and trees. Here, yoga sessions in the oxygen-rich air of pine forests and accompanied by bird songs offer deep physical and mental relaxation. These sessions in the natural environment offer a different holiday opportunity.

Yoga- Olympos Angels Garden Hotel
Yoga- Olympos Angels Garden Hotel

Indoor Yoga Studio

The Indoor Yoga Studio is a modern, 50-person capacity indoor yoga studio. This studio provides an excellent environment for yoga movements, breathing exercises, body workouts, deep relaxation techniques, and meditation practices.

Yoga movements, breathing and body workouts, deep relaxation techniques, and meditation sessions are conducted here, away from the stress and noise of city life, in a natural and calm environment. These sessions offer visitors not just physical activity, but also an opportunity for mental and energetic rejuvenation.

Yoga enthusiasts, through the unique experience offered by Hotel Angels Garden, fill with positive energy, stepping into a stronger and healthier life. This experience brings increased productivity and success in professional life, and happiness and peace in personal life. Thus, yogis prefer Hotel Angels Garden as a perfect source of renewal and peace for both their bodies and minds, making this special place an indispensable destination for those wanting to practice yoga.


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