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Hotel Olympos Angels Garden
Hotel Olympos Angels Garden
Olmypos HOTEL


Hotel Angels Garden is located in the heart of Olympos, within a captivating 14-acre forest area, offering all the beauties of nature to its guests. This unique hotel is a paradise surrounded by trees and colorful flowers, living alongside the songs of birds, the showy feathers of elegant peacocks, the chirping of friendly chickens, and many more animal friends.

Hotel Angels Garden offers a breath of fresh air for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and its stifling atmosphere. You’ll find an opportunity to take a short break from your busy and stressful life, to relax and find yourself as time swiftly flows by.

The hotel provides numerous amenities for the relaxation and rejuvenation of its guests:

  • Pool: Designed for cooling off and relaxing, surrounded by natural beauty.
  • Turkish Hammam: A traditional Turkish bath experience, perfect for relaxation and detoxification.
  • Mud Bath: A natural Mud Bath pool that helps improve and rejuvenate skin health.
  • Yoga Areas: Both open and closed yoga areas, offering a peaceful environment for meditation and physical exercises.
  • Restaurants: With both open and closed options, an atmosphere where you can taste the most delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine.


  • Duplex Villa: Ideal for large families or groups, offering luxury and comfort together.
  • Family Houses: Spacious and comfortable accommodation units designed for families.
  • Bungalow Houses: Perfect for those seeking a tranquil experience in nature.
  • Stone Houses: Offering a traditional and authentic experience, with their notable stone structure.
  • Standard Rooms: Offering comfort and practicality with a modern design.

Hotel Angels Garden is an ideal escape for everyone seeking a peaceful and rejuvenated experience amidst nature. Here, in the heart of nature, unforgettable moments and a holiday filled with tranquility await you.

Hotel Olympos Angels Garden


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