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The standard rooms at Angels Garden Hotel, encompassing 20 m², offer a spacious and comfortable accommodation area with views of the serene natural surroundings. Ideal for both individual travelers and small groups, these rooms are equipped with either two double beds or three single beds as options.

There are a total of 10 standard rooms at Angels Garden Hotel. Each room features a shower and WC, creating an ideal environment to unwind from the day’s stress and fatigue. Additionally, the 24-hour continuous hot water ensures you can enjoy a comfortable shower at any time without compromising your comfort.

20 m2

Air conditioning

Shower & WC

2-3 Persons

Standard Rooms - Olympos Angels Garden Hotel
Angels Garden Hotel
Angels Garden Hotel

One of the most enchanting features of these rooms is the forest view. The forest vista from your room’s window allows you to explore the captivating beauty of nature without sacrificing comfort. The standard rooms at Angels Garden Hotel are perfect for guests seeking a comfortable and peaceful stay amidst nature. Your time spent in these rooms is not just a stay, but also an opportunity to reconnect with peace and nature.

Olympos Angels Garden Hotel


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